Christoph Hart Volker

Christoph Hart has released Volker, a free funky melodica instrument for Kontakt.

A lot of brain work and programming effort was put into this instrument. Although you can download the files for free, consider it as TRADEWARE: if you find yourself enjoying this instrument, I would like you to fill out a short POLL about the quality of the instrument and your music production method.

Volker features

  • 60MB Sample data.
  • Recorded stereo in 44kHz/24bit, normalized and converted to 16bit for better performance.
  • Additional Noise Samples.
  • Programming and scripting features:
    • Optimized for usage with Yamaha Breath Controller.
    • Recreation of instrument-specific playing techniques.
    • AET Filter (3 layers) for dynamic expressibility.
    • Customizable noise reproduction.
    • Complex recreation of imperfect instrument behaviour.
    • Custom flutter sound controllable via CC (puts the funk in the volker!).
    • CC-Reconfiguration with “Learn”-button.
    • Custom impulse response of the recording room.
    • Manipulate the recording distance via one knob.
    • Easy to use GUI with exquisitely selected parameters.

Volker is available to download as a freeware sampled instrument for Kontakt 4 (does not work with Kontakt Player 4). Feedback is much appreciated.

More information: Christoph Hart / Volker