Five12 Numerology 2

Five12 has released version 2.3 of Numerology, a modular music sequencing and audio plug-in environment for Mac OS X.

New in this release is extensive support for controlling Numerology from the Novation Launchpad. This feature provides direct hardware control over the five primary note-sequencing modules in Numerology, including the MonoNote, PolyNote, Drum Sequencer, Chord Sequencer and Matrix Sequencer. Numerology’s Launchpad support also includes modes for triggering presets and controlling the built-in audio mixer.

When controlling Numerology’s note-sequencer modules, the Launchpad can be used to access up to thirteen pages of parameters for each sequencer, including pitch values (up to 8 octaves), sequencer start and end settings, sequencer rate and direction, gate time, velocity, groove timing, random jump and several other parameters. By using the Launchpad’s multi-color LEDs, each page is kept visually unique and easy to use.

In addition to direct control over the sequencing modules, Numerology’s Launchpad mapping can be used to trigger pattern presets, adjust mixer channel volume, channel mute and auxiliary send levels.

Numerology is available to purchase for Mac OS X, priced at $119 USD.

More information: Five12