u-he has launched Colour Copy, a virtual analog effect inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays (BBD), but extended with modern features.

u-he Colour Copy delay

We called our new baby “Colour Copy” because it can deliver the kind of colouration people still love in classic BBD units, but with a wider variety of colours. Colour Copy started life as the little delay unit called “Lyrebird” we built into Repro-1, but the sound was too good not to be developed further and become an fx plug-in.

In most digital delays the delay time alters the size of the buffer. If you quickly modulate or sweep the delay time on a typical digital unit, unmusical glitches propagate through the feedback as the buffer is shortened or lengthened. Like a real BBD, Colour Copy changes the internal sample rate instead (i.e. how fast the “buckets” pass on their content), and this is why Colour Copy is smooth with a capital SMOO!

Colour Copy features

  • BBD-style analog delay, for the smoothest possible pitch effects.
  • Unique colour morphing, with saturation for non-linear effects such as distortion / resonance.
  • 1ms to 1s or host-synched time base, scaled via rate control from 25% to 400%.
  • Dynamic ducking via envelope follower, with an option that preserves the initial delay.
  • LFO (with dynamic frequency and depth) can modulate rate, tap position or amplitude..
  • Midi note tracking and Freeze button (infinite loop) for wildest experimental effects.
  • Powerful preset browser with tag and/or text search functions.
  • Independent input and feedback routing options allow all possible stereo or mono combinations.
  • 100 factory presets, nks-compatible.
  • UI instantly resizable from 70% to 200%.
  • Custom remote control via midi cc, 14-bit resolution option.

Colour Copy for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3/AU/AAX/NKS) is available for 69 EUR from u-he and distributor Plugin Boutique.