Want to have a circuit bent Commodore 64 without having to do all the work yourself?

Bighead Electronics is offering a limited edition pre-modded C64, the Bent64.

Bighead Electronics Bent64

List of the mods

  • COMMODORE BENT 64! Is a unique one of a kind musical instrument!
  • Professionally designed custom internal PCB with microprocessor.
  • Professionally designed custom internal cabling.
  • Beautiful custom black paint.
  • Custom design high quality decals.
  • Built-in Filter knob (changes values on the SID filter).
  • Custom RCA audio/video, audio out (dual) jacks on the back for easy connectivity.
  • audio in (process external sources).
  • Video out (easily connects to any modern T.V.).
  • Custom 14 segment LED screen for user info (80s Style).
  • Custom LED functionality indicators.
  • Built in Cynthcart (user port can be used freely!).
  • Choose between Cynthcart or normal Commodore 64 BASIC boot up with just a toggle switch.

It’s currently at $350 with a few bids and about 8 hours on the clock, so hurry on over to the eBay auction if you’re interested.

Link via technabob