rf Music has released an updated to its Comp87 and Comp87 MB compressor effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

rf Music Comp87 MB 2.0.3

Comp 87 is a compressor plug-in available for Windows and Mac OS X users. Two main knobs (Compress and Ratio) control and adjust multiple internal parameters to shield the user from unnecessary tweaks to parameters like threshold, curve, gain, makeup, attack and release. Although most controls are included to keep the flexibility of a common compressor.

Comp87 MB is the multi-band version, in which the input signal is divided into 3 bands (Low, Mid and High) and each band is being processed separately. At the end these bands come together as a single signal and go through the 4th compressor. In addition to compressor there are saturation and stereo separation controls.

Changes in Comp87 / Comp87 MB v2.0.3

  • Added AAX plugin format (beta).
  • Improved preset manager with new features. Including new options like copy, paste, init, etc.
  • Added undo manager.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Changed protection system.

Comp87 and Comp87 MB are available for purchase for $29 USD and $39 USD, respectively.

More information: rf Music