Cytomic has released version 1.5.2 of The Drop, a resonant filter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The Drop is an analog modeled resonant filter plug-in based on classic analog synth filters, as well as completely new designs. It uses the same high quality algorithms used in circuit simulators, but optimised to run fast, and features a gorgeous fully scalable user interface.

There is a huge level of detail in the models, which gives them amazing drive and tone. The original structure of the circuits is preserved in the model, as is the location and shape of all major non-linearities.

Changes in The Drop v1.5.2

  • Fixed: Shift / Spread in Wide mode didn’t recall correctly.
  • Fixed: trig and gate modes not working in Env1 and Env2 (v1.5.1).
  • New filter: WSP – based on the EDP Wasp synth filter with unique CMOS inverters (v1.5.0).
  • New filter: AMU – based on a custom design inspired by the ARP Odyssey mk1 filter (v1.5.0).
  • New filter: KSM – a custom design input mixing Sallen Key (v1.5.0).
  • New: resonance boost “trimpot” to increase self oscillation range from 125% to 200% (the 0%-100% operation stays constant) (v1.5.0).
  • New: MD and HD modes for all filters (v1.5.0).
  • New: SSE optimised over-sampler (v1.5.0).
  • New: CPU meters (v1.5.0).
  • New: cramped responses properly drawn in visualiser (v1.5.0).
  • New: LFO1 phase control and advanced triggering (v1.5.0).
  • New: improved beat triggering of LFOs (v1.5.0).
  • New: wide button to increase the range of the shift and spread knobs (v1.5.0).
  • New: improved machine id generation on Win and Mac (v1.5.0).
  • Note: Win XP support has ended with this build (v1.5.0).

The Drop (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $99 USD. The update and the trial version are free to download.

More information: Cytomic