D16 Group Devastor

D16 Group has released version 1.2.0 of Devastor, a Multiband Distortion Unit for Windows and Mac.

Devastor consists of three blocks: dynamic-gain module, diode-clipper distortion and three filter sections. Each of the filters can process the signal before or after the diode-clipper. The filters are not the peaking EQ type which are used in classic multiband distortion They are like those found in analog synthesizers (low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject)- with adjustable resonance and cutoff. As a result, Devastor has a completely unique sound – just check out the Factory Presets.

Changes since Devastor v1.0

  • New features:
    • Full compatibility with Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6.x).
    • Distortion function can be selected from six predefined functions.
    • Dry/Wet parameter has been added.
    • Processing quality settings have been added.
    • Filters can be turned off now.
    • Bank of presets and Midi CC mapping available at startup can be customised (factory settings, empty slots and user defined files are available).
    • Recently used load/save directory is now stored within plugin’s ini file.
    • Presets storing method can be customised.
  • Changes:
    • CPU usage has been optimized about 25.
    • Range of filters’ resonance has been widened.
    • Filters’ frequency calculations has been improved.
    • Midi learn functionality was improved.
    • Preset management was improved.
    • Presets and Midi CC map filenaming was changed regarding to changes in all d16’s plugins. Loading of old files is fully supported.
    • Factory presets were updated.
  • Bug fixes:
    • GUI issues and conflicts occuring during simultaneous work with other D16 plugins- fixed.
    • VU meters refreshing issues – fixed.
    • Pop-up menus displaying issues – fixed.
    • Problems with plugin installed in user defined folders (Mac VST only) – fixed.
  • Known issues:
    • Due to adding of new parameters some hosts can notify about changes during loading old projects. However it should not cause any problems with them.

Devastor is available to purchase as an effect plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU), priced at 35 EUR. It is also included in various bundles.

More information: D16 Group / Devastor