DMS Trance and Progressive for Ableton Vol 1

Dance Midi Samples has launched Trance & Progressive For Ableton Live Vol 1, a sound pack for Ableton Live.

This complete Trance & Progressive tune uses only Ableton Live’s built in plugins and MIDI clips to allow you full access to all parts of the tune, meaning that it’s simple to re-arrange, de-construct, remix and use as a base for your new tracks too. Check out this great Ableton Live Template right now!

This fantastic learning tool shows you how to mix, arrange, use FX, automation and side-chain compression, track grouping and even basic mastering. Everything’s laid out simply so that you can easily fathom just how this track was created. We’ve used Simpler instruments for melodic sounds, meaning that no 3rd party instruments are needed, simply Ableton Live 8 Standard or higher. All melodic sounds can be played form your keyboard: no audio tracks here (apart from a few short FX samples).

DMS Trance & Progressive For Ableton Live Vol 1 is available from £16.66 GBP.

More information: Dance Midi Samples / Trance & Progressive For Ableton Live Vol 1