dblue Glitch v1.3 VST

dblue has updated Glitch to version 1.3.03.

Changes in v1.3.03

  • New: Clipping mode selector added to master output. (No clipping, soft clipping/saturation, hard/digital clipping)
  • New: Pattern selector can now be MIDI CC mapped. (Right-click the “Pattern Bank” label above the pattern buttons)
  • New: Filter type selectors can now be MIDI CC mapped
  • New: Effect probability parameters can now be MIDI CC mapped
  • New: Effect solo/global functions can now be MIDI CC mapped
  • New: Middle-clicking a sequencer step is now a shortcut to insert a blank step
  • New: Middle-clicking an effect’s name tag resets all the effect’s parameters to their default values
  • Update: Triggering the solo/global effect via MIDI note is now based on how long you hold down the note
  • Update: Gater effect has been slightly improved
  • Fixed: Delay size finetune can now be correctly MIDI CC mapped
  • Fixed: Sequencer pattern randomisation functions will now correctly insert blank steps in addition to effects

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