DDMF Metaplugin

DDMF has announced the release of Metaplugin, a flexible piece of software that loads other VST plugins and lets you interconnect them arbitrarily.

Plugins can be dragged onto the freely resizable interface, connections are made by dragging cables between the in- and outputs of the loaded effects. Chains can be saved so that the user can build custom effects out of existing modules.

As an extra, a flat-summing four band crossover filter and a mid-side matrix are included in the package. This way, multiband and mid-side versions of existing VST plugins can be built instantly.

Metaplugin is currently available to purchase for Windows PC (VST), priced at $14 USD. A Mac version will be released later. A demo version which will not save the chains can be downloaded from the DDMF website.

More information: DDMF