de la Mancha kitchen sync v2.0

de la Mancha has released version 2.0 of kitchen sync, a tempo-synced complex LFO that modulates 4 functions.

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite and now has LFO2, ADSR, midi sync, independant LFO settings per effect, MIDI learn and new GUI.


  • tempo-sync LFO with multiple waveforms modulated by second LFO and/or ADSR envelope
  • both LFOs can be synced to start cycle by any midi note on message
  • ADSR envelope can be triggered by any midi note on message
  • 4 effects can be modulated: filter cutoff, flanger, volume, pan
  • LFO 1 phase, depth and offset can be different for each effect
  • LFO 2 phase, strength and origin can be different fo each effect
  • ADSR envelope is independant for each effect
  • LFO depth can be randomised each cycle
  • full MIDI CC / MIDI learn
  • plugin wet/dry mix control

Visit de la Mancha for more information.