Vital Vocals has released a new batch of effortlessly delivered female vocals with its Deep House & Soulful Vocals 2 royalty free sample pack.

Deep House & Soulful Vocals 2 is a collection driven by the knowledge that killer vocals are one of the key components in any House producer’s arsenal. We’re proud to offer world-beating vocal lines without the need for you to access a studio or hardware, as we’ve already drawn for the best technology and engineers in the game to bring a beautiful production quality to the most mesmerising hooks, riffs and verses around.

Find the ingredients for 3 separate vocal songs inside, in a variety of keys, delivery styles and tempos to ensure your tracks are on point. Sounds are available here in lead, backing and wide backing versions, all executed with stunning precision and flair. With tempos rolling out between 122-127bpm, these vocals are completely suited to the named genres, as well as house, tech house and other dancefloor orientated and soulful styles. Let Vital Vocals’ Deep House & Soulful Vocals 2 collection lift your tracks to new levels.

Deep House & Soulful Vocals 2 features

  • 3 Song Kits.
  • 5 Backing Vocal Stems.
  • 3 Lead Vocal Stems.
  • 2 Double Track Vocal Stems.
  • 1 Chorus Vocal Stem.
  • 1 Accompany Vocal Stem.

The sample pack costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Vital Vocals