Design By Paul E Theremin

Design By Paul has released E Theremin, a theremin app for iOS

Vintage Electro–Theremin, Onassis Martino style synth. This app captures the magic of early classic slider controlled synthesisers such as the Ondes-Martenot (1928) Trautonium (1929) and Tannerin/electro-theremin (1950s)

The E Theremin has three oscillators that generate a rich fat analogue tone, with a choice of 4 waveforms (saw, square, triangle and sine) octave shift and amp control. The E Theremin can achieve portamento, vibrato and quarter-tones with precise control. 4 presets allow you to store your sounds and jump quickly between them during performance.

E Theremin features

  • Three oscillators (osc2 unison).
  • 4 waveforms.
  • 3 octave slide control.
  • Fat analogue sound.
  • Jump between 4 user presets.
  • Classic slider pitch control.
  • Retina GUI.

The E Theremin is available from the iTunes App Store for free for a limited time.

More information: Design By Paul