Devine Machine has released version 1.5 of Krishna Synth, a frame synthesis based instrument for Windows and Mac.

Frame Synthesis is and exclusive technology from Devine Machine that let you analyse a sound sample to obtain a special « movie » file that Krishna Synth will use as an oscillator. This process, the tools provided
and the modulation possibilities can create sonic textures that you won’t get from any other synthesis.

A full set of graphic tools let you edit that file frame per frame.

Classical analogue oscillators and filters as well as a complete FX chain are also provided to enhance possibilities.

Changes in Krishna Synth 1.5

  • Audio engine has been completely rebuilt from scratch to improve reliability and cpu usage.
  • LFO and ADSR destinations extended to all parameters (including LFO to LFO).
  • ‘Snap to harmonics’ option for the filter : each note will instantiate a filter to resonate to its own harmonic.
  • Faster preset loading.

Krishna Synth is available for Windows and Mac (VST/RTAS/AU/standalone) for 199 EUR. The update is free for current users.