discoDSP has announced the release of Beta 4 of Bliss, a sampler instrument plug-in for Windows, Mac & Linux.

discodsp bliss

We have released Bliss Beta 4, our new sampler also able to load and host VSTi instruments for multi-sampling them without any quality loss for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Changes in Bliss Beta 4

  • Added text highlight to visualize zone activity in sample editor.
  • Added plugin freeze allow ticks/beats option instead seconds.
  • Added plugin freeze allow specify custom BPM.
  • Added plugin freeze will automatically open the plugin editor when a plugin is loaded.
  • Added plugin freeze options saved with properties.
  • Added auto drum spread dialog have a start from note combobox to allow stacking more drumkits easily.
  • Added command / (ctrl on mac) + drag on loop points will drag the other end at the same time.
  • Added exposed unison voices in zone parameters.
  • Added shift + click will now delete a cue point.
  • Added command (ctrl on mac) + click on program and zone name to open program/sample import dialog.
  • Added shift + click on buttons in zone selector will select samples in the same directory of the current zone sample.
  • Improved selection in sample editor.
  • Improved cut/copy/paste operations with selections and empty zones.
  • Changed off by group handling now works only with polyphonic play.
  • Changed tick to tempo menu with logical values and a custom one.
  • Fixed sample editor window opening always in front in all hosts.
  • Fixed delay when opening sample editor in windows machines.
  • Fixed wrong display of macro display value.
  • Fixed macro sliders are click editable with value 0..1.
  • Fixed some labels are disappearing at certain zoom.
  • Fixed allow loop end to be set at very last sample.
  • Fixed more precise cue and loop move with mouse with no jumps.
  • Fixed cue triggering problem always triggering cue 0.
  • Fixed EXS import.
  • Fixed problem with program import in LUA scripts.
  • Fixed accelerators keys display on Mac having wrong font height.

Bliss is available for purchase at 50% off until the beta period ends (regular $99 USD/89 EUR/£59 GBP). Previous customers can download beta 4 at the discoDSP Members Area.

More information: discoDSP / Bliss