Prime Loops Vintage Movie Samples Episode 1

Prime Loops has released Vintage Movie Vocals Episode 1, a new royalty free sample pack featuring 518 vocal samples from 12 vintage movies.

This cinematic sound library brings you an immense range of amazing movie dialogue samples ideal for dropping and chopping into your mix, adding some sweet cinematic vibes to your final cut whether you’re producing pop, rock, hip hop, dubstep, electronica or any other genre.

Each of these utterly intriguing movie vocal samples have been carefully extracted from films so old that you don’t need worry about any royalty implications, avoiding any of that gnarly copyright stress. Carefully processed to deliver the most pristine sound possible, each sample in Vintage Movie Vocals Part 1 is supplied in pure and polished 24-bit High Definition audio clarity! Available exclusively via direct download, raid your download folder and grab your chosen samples from this 559MB+ range and simply drag and drop into any major DAW to dial in some dialogue! We’ve also created a convenient collection of sampler instruments for each movie so you can quickly play through and edit samples, including ESX24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT.

This cinematic sound pack comprises of 12 folders each containing a vast selection of samples from 12 vintage movies with titles including The Last Man On Earth, The Indestructible Man, Oasis of the Zombies and The Atomic Brain! So if you’re looking the ultimate movie dialogue sound library featuring an amazing range of vocal samples to chop into your tracks, just call ‘action’ with Vintage Movie Vocals Part 1!

The sample pack is available for purchase for £13.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Vintage Movie Vocals Episode 1