Touch Loops takes a classic foray into the world of abstract songwriting with its sample pack Divine Aura, featuring a collection of beautifully soulful electronic samples that seamlessly fuse together live instrumentation and rich analog synth wizardry.

Touch Loops Divine Aura

The pack includes 117 loops and 54 MIDI files that reference artists like Rosie Lowe, Poppy Ajudha and James Blake.

From the expansive electric guitar ambience to the driving organic drums, this unique sample collection is asking for a vocalist to run with this batch of constant inspiration.

Broken down into 8 construction kits, each kit also has an A and B section allowing lots of flexibility when moving from verse to chorus and chorus to bridge or new sections. Each kit includes lush Rhodes loops, live guitar work, processed vocals and either a live bass loop or Moog bass.

Stylistically, the demo truly speaks for itself, but you can expect expansive soundscapes, beautifully memorable keys phrases, lush complementary guitar loops, organic percussion phrases, snappy drum samples and endless flexibility that includes over 50 MIDI loops. A beautiful collection we just know you’ll adore.

Divine Aura is available from Prime Loops for £19.95 GBP.

Offering endless flexibility and infinite inspiration, Ethereal Harmonies is a beautiful, textured vocal sample pack.

Touch Loops Ethereal Harmonies

Performed by the incredibly talented Marija Clara and tracked through a high-end analog signal chain, the quality and breadth of sounds is groundbreaking. From the delicate harmony loops to the FKA Twigs inspired processed vocal phrasing, every loop brings something new and evocative.

With inspirations ranging from Bjork to FKA Twigs, the collection is broken down into vocal one-shots and loops that include both processed and the original mixed recordings.

The collection includes:

  • 50 Adlibs.
  • 16 Harmonies.
  • 81 Textures.
  • 49 Vocal Phrases.
  • 122 One-Shots.

Ethereal Harmonies is available for £23.95 GBP.

More information: Touch Loops