Typhonic Samples has announced the release of Pokémon for Serum, a free collection of 7 presets and 15 wavetables for the Serum synthesizer instrument by Xfer Records.

Typhonic Samples Pokemon for Serum

Typhonic Samples has released another free pack for you! This time they’ve transformed Pokémon in 15 wavetables and 7 presets for Xfer Serum!

From Alakazam to Zapdos and ofcourse our friend Pikachu is included in this pack. The presets varies; there’s a Bassbasaur bass patch and a “Goodnight” pad sung by Jigglypuff. And as usual, every preset is equipped with 4 assigned macro’s.

The soundset is a free download in exchange for a social follow/like.

More information: Typhonic Samples