VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Dronar & Sculptor Bundle by Gothic Instruments, a unique bundle that allows you to create everything from vast evolving atmospheres to monstrous slamming impacts and strikes.

The bundle comprises Dronar Hybrid and Sculptor. Primarily aimed at Film, TV, Video Game Composers and Sound Designers, together they form the complete solution to Cinematic Underscore and Trailer Music Sound Design you have been waiting for!

DRONAR Hybrid Module makes it astonishingly easy to create rich, dramatic, complex and evolving atmospheres with a set of controls designed to invite deep exploration, expression and discovery.

SCULPTOR Live Impacts Module lets you create monstrous slamming impacts, ear splitting strikes and thundering blows in an instant. Creating monumental events that induce panic, fear and excitement amongst your audience has never been easier!

Dronar & Sculptor Bundle features

  • DRONAR Hybrid Module
    • 300 powerful presets.
    • Incredibly simple, shimmering interface.
    • Massive control from 6 powerful dials.
    • Hold a few notes with one hand and turn the expressive dials with the other.
    • Audio by Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio (Mad Max, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them).
    • Below the surface, DRONAR is a vast modular multi-timbral synth/sampler with multiple independent arpeggiators.
    • Record all your dial movements as DAW automation.
    • Works beautifully with external MIDI controllers.
  • SCULPTOR Live Impacts Module
    • Includes 82 highly useable presets.
    • Unique animated interface.
    • Sounds sourced from fire, explosions, stone and metal.
    • Processed by Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio.
    • Each impact made up of 2-3 elements for sonic complexity and variety.
    • Create a sense of a high speed incoming projectile with the Pre-Whoosh feature.
    • Increase tension by using the GAP dial to adjust time between whoosh and impact.
    • Get fresh inspiration with the RANDOM button for endless new impact sounds.
    • Additional controls and dedicated FX page for further customisation options.

The Dronar & Sculptor Bundle is on sale for just 59 EUR until December 5th, 2017. Requires Kontakt 5.6 or higher, full version.

More information: VST Buzz / Dronar & Sculptor Bundle