DRZHNN has updated Zebra Redux, a free skin pack for the Zebra, ZebraHZ, Zebrify and ZRev plug-ins by u-he.

Zebra Redux is a skin pack for Zebra, Zebrify and ZRev made primarily with sound designer workflow in mind. Initially I built it to reflect my own needs but I’m sure some of you guys will enjoy it too.

Changes in Zebra Redux

  • Zebra2, Zebrify: fixed unswappable ArpMod, MMix, MMap modules.
  • Zebra2: fixed missing MMix3 and MMix4 modules.
  • ZRev: Updated theme.
  • ZebraHZ: changed synth name in the top menu to ZebraHZ.

The skin pack is a free download from the KVR Audio forum.

More information: DRZHNN