EdgeSounds has released Native Russian Vol. 2, a 4.3GB sound sample library featuring exotic folklore instrument samples from Central Siberia.

The collection contains sound samples of typical and rare folklore instruments played in middle-eastern region of Russia (Siberia, Altai). The collection covers a wide range of instruments: from free reed family to plucked string and wind instruments, percussion and sound effects, and is designed to be sufficient alone to allow you to create a musical atmosphere of Russian countryside, or to add a spice to a contemporary fusion piece. The Volume 2 covers samples of more exotic instruments like Buryat and Altai flutes, percussion and plucked strings. It also features a Buryat Khomus (mouth harp) and multiphonic throat singing typical for buryatian shamans.

Native Russian Vol. 2 is available in NI Kontakt (v2.2 or later) and GigaStudio 3 formats (24bit/96KHz), for $149.95 USD.

Visit EdgeSounds for more information and audio demos.