Momentum Audio Sales, the exclusive US distributor of Sweden-based Ehrlund Microphones, has announced the availability of the new EHR-H handheld condenser microphone in the US market.

Ehrlund EHR-H

The EHR-H is a handheld condenser microphone that is optimized for live performance. This new mic utilizes the same unique triangular Ehrlund membrane found in their studio microphones combined with their patented phase and frequency linear electronics. The result is a pure and clean sound on stage that Ehrlund microphones have become known for in the studio.

The triangular shape of the Ehrlund membrane dissipates resonances faster than a traditional round membrane, preventing the buildup of sound impulses that lead to a “muddy” sound. Once amplified by Ehrlund’s proprietary ultra-low-noise amplification electronics, the result is a very open, transparent and real sound, without altering the phase or frequency and without added noise.

Ehrlund EHR-H features

  • Handheld Condenser Microphone for live performance.
  • Patented triangular capsule design.
  • Transparent and natural sound.
  • Ultra-low-noise performance.
  • Natural reproduction of fast transients.
  • Frequency range of 7Hz-87kHz.
  • Sensitivity @1kHz: -42dBV/Pa (8 mV/Pa).
  • Equivalent noise level: <9 dBA.
  • Signal to noise: 85 dBA.
  • Dynamic range: 127 dB.
  • Max SPL: 155 dB.
  • Low power consumption: ~2.0 mA.

The EHR-H is housed in a road-ready aircraft-grade aluminum body that is insulated to effectively suppress handling noise on stage while a hardened nickel-plated stainless-steel grill and windscreen protect the sensitive triangular membrane.

The Ehrlund EHR-H is available in the US for $799 USD MSRP.

More information: Ehrlund Microphones

Ehrlund EHR-H kit