Elena Design has announced version 1.4 of Synlay, a delay-based synthesizer instrument plugin for Windows.

Since its first beta release in April 2019, Synlay has been updated with many improvements, bug fixes and optimizations, reducing its CPU load by about 50% and further improving its sound quality while maintaining its original interface, spirit and ease of use.

Elena Design Synlay

Synlay is a powerful yet relatively compact delay-based (Karplus Strong) VST2 sound synthesizer. Thanks to three parallel, carefully engineered digital waveguides, Synlay can produce very diverse sounds of high quality: from plucked strings to amazing basses, from orchestral sounds to brasses and synthetic timbres.

Extensive velocity and aftertouch support allow easily personalization of the performance for improved realism.

Synlay features

  • Three parallel, high-accuracy digital waveguides ensuring click-free operation, supporting negative feedback, L/R detuning, automatic feedback scaling (for all notes to have the same release length), low-pass filter in the feedback line with automatic pitch compensation to simulate realistic string damping, automatic removal of DC peaks and residual input signal for a cleaner sound.
  • Stereo noise excitation source and true stereo processing, for naturally wide stereo sounds of adjustable width, making external ambience simulators unnecessary.
  • Special resonating biquad multimode filter for the impulse excitation stage with full velocity, aftertouch, key-scaling and key-follow support.
  • Impulse ADSR with Attack and Release velocity scaling.
  • Additional post-waveguides Release gate, to trim the resulting feedback sound tail.
  • Additional output multimode biquad filter to furtherly shape the final sound.
  • Polyphonic glider.
  • Option to apply pitch-bending to the upper note only.
  • Velocity scaling and extensive velocity and aftertouch support.

Synlay is available as a donationware 64-bit VST plugin for Windows (minimum 30 EUR). The unregistered version has no limitations other than a popup screen. Registered users can contact Elena Design to request an update.

More information: Elena Design