Sinevibes is back with another creative effect plugin for Mac. Emission is a special processor for creating unreal, out-of-this-world space effects.

Sinevibes Emission

At its core is a smooth reverb engine based on a traditional “feedback delay network” design, but it breaks out of ordinary with what’s inside that network. The spectrum of the signal in the feedback matrix is recursively processed using either a Bode frequency shifter or a granular pitch shifter – coupled with variable time modulation and low- or high-pass damping, this gives birth to a wide variety of novel reverb sounds which can only be described as “vibrating vapour”, “jet sky”, “frozen air” or even “ambient apocalypse”. Emission works its magic on almost any sound source, smooth or percussive – and its versatility is as high as your willingness to experiment.

As always in a Sinevibes product, Emission includes a colour-coded user interface with a clean and simple layout. It has good contrast and highly legible typography that work well in both studio and outdoor lighting. Plus, thanks to its animated elements, Emission always brings a touch of fun and enjoyment to your workflow.

Emission features

  • Feedback delay network with 8×8 Hadamard matrix, spline interpolation, all-pass diffusion filters.
  • Bode frequency shifter or granular pitch shifter inside feedback (both positive or negative).
  • Variable low-or high-frequency damping and initial stereo width.
  • Wide-range time modulation for reverb tail.
  • Colour-coded control elements with animated transitions between settings.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.

Emission is available from Plugin Boutique for $29 USD. Current Sinevibes users can save 20% off Emission until June 1st, 2017.

The plugin is also included in the Sinevibes Complete Collection for just $259 USD (includes 22 plugins + two Loopmasters sample packs).

More information: Plugin Boutique / Sinevibes Emission