Empirical Labs has released an update to the Arousor compressor effect plugin that expands on the characteristics and features of the Distressor.

Arousor Rev 3 comes with various new features and improvements, including two OPTO modes based on classic and modern LA-2A leveling amplifiers.

Most experienced engineers who have used a LA2a or other popular Opto Device, probably know that Optocouplers, the device that acts as the VCA, are all different. Like snowflakes. Although there is a certain charm in this, basic things like Stereo linking become big problems. Recalling settings on two different units, same model and all, will not produce the same results. So… we decided to provide emulations of two LA2a optocouplers of different vintage, OPTO A and OPTO B. The LA2a has a famous optocoupler with a “T4” part name, and is a module in an enclosed metal can. Thru the years, many versions became available, even from other manufacturers besides UREI or UA.

We model a UREI T4 from the early 80s, that we call T4A, and a Newer T4 from 2018, T4B. Opto A on the Arousor recalls the older T4A model, and same with Opto B, recalling the T4B model.

Changes in Arousor Rev 3

  • Two OPTO Modes based on the time constants of a classic and a modern LA2A
  • Soft Clipper Expert Panel that allows for introducing more second harmonic distortion and the ability to place the compressor input before or after the soft clipper circuit.
  • Detector Sidechain EQ now includes a listen mode to hear what frequencies are affecting the compression detector.
  • Two new ratios (6.5:1 and 7:1) can now be accessed by enabling “ALT” mode in the ratio section.
  • The GUI can now be enlarged to double its original size for more comfortable editing.
  • iLok Cloud activation is now available rather than just iLok USB activation.

Available in 64-bit VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Arousor Rev 3 is on sale at PluginFox for $129 USD until April 8th, 2021 (regular $199 USD). The BIG FrEQ equalizer is also priced $129 USD during the intro promotion (regular $149 USD).

More information: Empirical Labs