Equinox Sounds has announced the release of MIDI Keys: Funky Horns, a downloadable collection from content partner Smash Up The Studio.

Smash Up The Studio MIDI Keys: Funky Horns

This collection is highly versatile and each loop is designed to drop effortlessly into your tracks. ‘MIDI Keys: Funky Horns’ includes tempo and key signature info and takes away the hassle of making real horn audio samples fit properly with your music.

With MIDI loops it’s easy to change the notation of each riff and the tempo in order to make the phrase work perfectly in your track. You will find that loops programmed at 125 BPM with a Disco vibe also sound great when slowed down to 95 BPM and used as a Hip Hop loop, and vice versa.

Also there are so many great Horn plug-ins on the market now that it is possible to achieve some very realistic results.

MIDI Keys: Funky Horns features

  • 62 loops ranging from 77 to 127 BPM.
  • Various styles, from complex, intricate stabs to more laid back sustained harmonies.
  • Includes Key signature info and tips for optimizing performance.
  • All Horns were arranged and programmed by Steve Burton for Smash Up The Studio.
  • All loops are Royalty-Free.

MIDI Keys: Funky Horns is available to purchase as a download for $29.95 USD.

More information: Equinox Sounds / MIDI Keys: Funky Horns