Erica Synths has announced several new products at this years Superbooth in Berlin, including the new Black System II, Black Sequencer, Black Spring Reverb, Black Stereo Delay and many others.

From rich synth leads, massive basslines and cosmic sounds to impressive drones in stereo, Erica Synths Black System II – a well-considered selection of Black Series modules – is designed to be a reliable instrument for work in the studio or in live performances.

It can be used with keyboards, midi sequencers or as a standalone unit — and with some creative patching, users will find that the possibilities of the system are virtually limitless. Erica Synths Black Series modules are also recognized for their build quality, which makes this instrument a lasting investment.

Erica Synths Black Classic II

The Erica Synths Black System II contains following modules:

  • Black Wavetable VCO.
  • Black VCO.
  • Black Modulator.
  • Black Mixer.
  • Black Multimode VCF.
  • Black Polivoks VCF.
  • Black Quad VCA.
  • Black Output module.
  • Black Midi-CV interface.
  • Black CV Tools.
  • Black Xfade.
  • Black Dula EG/LGO.
  • Black Octasource.
  • Black EG.
  • Black Stereo Delay.
  • Black Joystick controller.

The system retails for 2,600 EUR excl. tax.

The new Black Sequencer takes the classical modular sequencing to the next level by adding tons of features required for contemporary modular synthesizers.

Erica Synths Black Sequencer

Black Sequencer features 4 channels with CV, gate and modulation outputs, up to 64 step sequences that can be chained in longer ones, independent track time divisions, multiplications and lengths. CV and Gate recording, built-in quantiser, MIDI in/out and many other features essential for composing and performing electronic and experimental music.

Even though it provides many programmable parameters per step, it’s intuitive, easy and straight-forward to use, and, we believe, it will become a master controller of many modular setups.

Other modules presented at Superbooth:

  • Black Stereo Delay: Hi-fi stereo delay with lot of unique features, based on Eric Synths’ custom DSP engine.
  • Black Spring Reverb: Different take on spring reverberation units featuring a built in compact spring reverberation tank and vactrol-based audio compressor.
  • Black Input: Interfaces your modular system with other instruments.
  • Cowbell: Eextended, modular version of Yocto (808) cowbell.
  • Pico SEQ2: Straight-forward, full analogue 4 step sequencer/waveshaper with adjustable sequence length.
  • Pico BBD: Surprisingly great sounding, full analogue 4092 stage bucket brigade delay module.
  • Pico Ring: Balanced modulator (quadrant multiplier) circuit to create bell-like, metallic or robotic sounds.
  • Pico Drum2: Compact yet versatile percussion sounds generator.
  • Pico Noise: Versatile noise and percussion sounds source.
  • Pico VCO2: Powerful, full analogue VCO with great tracking over 8 octaves just in 3HP.
  • Pico LFO/S&H: Full analog modulations source with LFO and Sample and Hold.
  • Pico VC EG: Versatile looping AD/ASR envelope generator with voltage control over attack and decay times.
  • Pico LPG: Erica Synths’ take on classical Don Buchla LPG designs.
  • Fusion VCO2: Full analog sound source with lots of distinct features.

Visit Erica Synths at Superbooth19 at the first floor lobby, booth E245.

More information: Erica Synths

Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb, Stereo Delay & Black Input
Erica Synths Pico modules