Expert Sleepers Silent Way Voice Controller

Expert Sleepers has released version 1.1.0 of Silent Way, a suite of plug-ins designed for use as part of a modular analogue synthesiser system.

This is primarily an update to the Voice Controller plug-in, though the DC plug-in also benefits from the OSC enhancements.

Changes in Silent Way v1.1.0

  • The Voice Controller AU now has an effect variant so it will work in Digital Performer.
  • Added new OSC commands (registerOSCPathForParameter() and
    registerOSCPathForParameterNormalized()) added, primarily for compatibility with TouchOSC. See
  • Output configuration changed from a set of drop-down menus to a full matrix of knobs.
  • Envelope scale parameters removed, since the same functionality is now offered by the output matrix.
  • Added new ‘velocity’ output.
  • Added velocity-based scaling of envelopes.
  • Added Hz/V calibration mode.
  • Areas of the full MIDI note range note covered during calibration are now filled with ‘wrapped around’ values from octaves that are covered.
  • Added note priority modes (last/low/high) and retrigger modes (on/off).
  • Added ‘panic’ button.
  • Fixed some incorrect envelope triggering behaviours.
  • The ‘trigger’ output is now slightly longer than before (it was previously a single audio sample).

NB the reworking of the output configuration unfortunately means that v1.1.0 of the Voice Controller is not preset-compatible with earlier versions. If you install this version and then load up a song that already uses the Voice Controller, some of the settings (notably the envelopes) will be wrong.

More information: Expert Sleepers