Exponent Delta Series - Delta Force

Exponent has updated the Delta Series plug-ins, containing Delta Filter (multiple pole modulated filter), Force (multi band distortion), Space (multi band spatializer), Ping (stereo delay) and Phase (independent stereo phaser).

New in Delta Series v1.1.0

  • Improved CPU usage
  • Updated graphics and interface design
  • Remove installers and updated to statically linked DLL’s (no more MSVCRT71.dll!)
  • Downgraded licence to full freeware status

Changes to specific plug-ins

Delta Filter

  • Improved State Variable Filter algorithm to take account of sample rate usage in the host application and numerous other bug fixes
  • Added true host LFO sync

Delta Phase

  • Improved the mapping between the all pass filters. NO linear between updated calls to the modulator resulting in smoother signal

Delta Ping

  • Improved memory usage
  • Added shift click lock function to feedback

Delta Force

  • Updated distortion code
  • Correctly labelled mix control

Delta Space

  • It now works!
  • Added host LFO sync
  • Made panning centre weighted and linear
  • Connected graphical level controls and mix control to internal controls
  • Updated solos so that they now solo after the panning

Exponent Delta Series is available in Windows VST and Mac (Universal Binaries) formats.