Little critters is a simple VSTi created with SynthEdit that has eight different sounds of insects, which can be mixed and manipulated.

Litte Critters features

  • pitch, pan and volume controls per insect
  • mute buttons for easy sound selection
  • 4 filters (selection of LP/HP/BP/BR for each filter)
  • simple adsr envelope
  • dry/wet controls

This VSTi is more of a toy than anything else, but you might enjoy playing with it. Little critters was only tested on FLStudio, so if you encounter any bugs or strange behavior let me know and I’ll see if I can fix it.

Update: v0.22 available. I see little reason for Little critters to be polyphonic and since it saves a lot of CPU it is now monophonic.

Download Little critters for Windows (32-bit VST) below.

 Little Critters (Download size: 4.13 MB)

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