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Little critters VSTi


Little critters is a simple VSTi created with SynthEdit that has eight different sounds of insects, which can be mixed and manipulated.

rekkerd.org Little critters VSTi

Litte Critters features

  • pitch, pan and volume controls per insect
  • mute buttons for easy sound selection
  • 4 filters (selection of LP/HP/BP/BR for each filter)
  • simple adsr envelope
  • dry/wet controls

This VSTi is more of a toy than anything else, but you might enjoy playing with it. Little critters was only tested on FLStudio, so if you encounter any bugs or strange behavior let me know and I’ll see if I can fix it.

Update: v0.22 available. I see little reason for Little critters to be polyphonic and since it saves a lot of CPU it is now monophonic.

Download Little critters for Windows (32-bit VST) below.

Little Critters Download size: 4.13 MB

Check the free plugins page for more downloads.

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Dear Loops, I think the main problem of CPU may stem from the (What look like) 4 independent delays. Depending on the polyphony set when you made it, SE clones modules for that amount. If your polyphony was set at 8, then you actually have 32 delays running–(This is how it was explained to me). Also, the filters eat up a lot. Do you have 4 separate filters after each delay? Again, when it pulls up in a sequencer you have 32 filters running. Mono, no problem, tho’. Try to find a delay with a built in filter, as this… Read more »


What an awesome little plugin, I really love unusual stuff like this. Thank you (again) very much (and seems to be working fine for me in FL Studio 7).


Pretty awesome, good for some background ambient stuff I was working with. I use fruit loops, no troubles here.


No sound at all in Cubase.
Is it supposed to be triggered by a synth keyboard or how?

Martin Selway
Martin Selway

Just like to say thanks for a fun plug in which I’ve found very useful.


I like the concept, and it seems like it’s really got great sound quality. But it pins my cpu usage – 3.06GHz 1.5GBram running Cubase SE1 on WinXP.

Would love to see lower cpu usage version.

– I know nothing about how to write in synthedit, – but maybe try to reduce the amount of stuff going on inside it.