F9 Audio has recently launched the F9 Grid Trilogy 80s Future Retro for Logic Pro X, a collection of classic sounds for the 21st century.

Following the release of Grid Trilogy 80s Future Retro for Ableton Live, this new pack brings the sonic signature of the 80s to Logic Pro X.

This one for me is once again a hugely personal F9 release – I grew up immersed in the Pop, Indie and Movie music of the 1980s and the technology surrounding its creation has always held an amazing fascination for me. Due to a random moment whilst at my local theatre as a child the very first synth I ever touched and played on was a Jupiter 8. That moment shaped my entire professional life as the mixture of art, technology and seemingly limitless possibilities is an emotion I’ve carried with me ever since I first tweaked and Filter cut-off control.

Sonically we have considered one aesthetic during the development process: Future Retro. Too many retro packs have a deliberate Lofi edge burnt into the audio that cannot be undone. The sounds, vibe, and flexibility of this release will fit into any contemporary production. If you still want a Lofi edge the authenticity of the sound sources ( see equip list below ) ensures that they respond perfectly to post-processing.

F9 Grid Trilogy 80s Future Retro for Logic Pro X features

  • 260+ Logic Patches with full smart control mappings.
  • 7 fully working Logic Projects (everything from the audio demos).
  • 14 Logic startup pages pre-loaded with sounds.
  • 1200+ Drum and FX Hits accessible in menus and kits.
  • 480+ Additional Apple loops / 83 Midi files (Deluxe Only).
  • 8 Full Logic Drumtrax Projects (Deluxe only).

The sample library is available for £32.50 GBP for the Standard Edition and £46.50 GBP for the Deluxe Edition.

F9 Audio has also recently released the free Clap Trap sample pack, a collection of 10 round robins of 10 different sounds from the 80s Clap Trap by Simmons.

At some point in the mid 80s Simmons drum company (famous for the 80 hexagonal-padded drum kits) decided to release a box that would help R+B producers achieve the thick, powerful claps that were incredibly popular in the club music of the decade

Using a simple EPROM based 8 bit Sample mixed an analog noise generator it’s genius was its utter simplicity and the innocuous ‘Humanise’ Button that made every clap ever so slightly different

We’ll be honest – these were not built to modern standards and many have not survived the last 30 years. This has forced the second-hand value up to near-ridiculous levels and we’ve not been able to find a single flexible sample pack for it. We bought this into F9 as part of the sessions for F9 Electric Funk but we had so much fun with it ,we had to create a little freebie for the production community.

For more free samples make sure to also check out the SP1200 House Beat Stems collection at F9 Audio.

More information: F9 Audio