FabFilter Pro-L retina

FabFilter has announced it has released updates for all its plugins.

We have updated all plug-ins, adding Retina and High DPI support together with bug fixes and improvements for all plug-in formats.

In addition, FabFilter Pro-L now offers multiple interface sizes and a Full Screen mode.

Changes in FabFilter plugins

  • Added Retina support on OS X and High DPI support on Windows (at 150% and 200% scaling) for all plug-ins.
  • All Audio Unit plug-ins are now sandbox-safe, so they can be used in sandboxed DAWs.
  • All plug-ins can now operate at any sample rate, without a maximum. This fixes possible issues when running the plug-ins in Pyramix at sample rates of 384 kHz and higher. Furthermore, there’s no limit to the oversampled internal sample rate any more in Pro plug-ins.
  • For all Pro plug-ins, improved Avid control surface page tables, now including support for the S6 range.
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard handling in Pro Tools 12.2 or higher (e.g. Alt- clicking on a filter in Pro-Q 2 would cause the frequency to jump).
  • Fixed possible crashes when using the plug-ins in Final Cut Pro X (with the Background Render option enabled).
  • All dynamics plug-ins now report gain change to Pro Tools (and Avid control surfaces) and Studio One.
  • In Pro Tools mini track view, Pro plug-ins will now show their distinctive letter (like Q, C, or L) instead of P.
  • Further optimized RAM usage in most plug-ins.
  • Fixed audible artifacts (sound shortly shifting to the left) when changing a plug-in (like Pro-Q 2) from Left/Right to Mid/Side processing mode.
  • Small bug fixes and improvements.
  • Pro-Q 2: Fixed possible audio drop-outs for specific Notch settings in Linear Phase mode or when using Auto Gain.
  • All Pro plug-ins: Fixed an issue in the AAX plug-ins when using them as ‘Default EQ’ or ‘Default Dynamics’ in Pro Tools on a stereo track (creating a multi-mono version instead of stereo).
  • Saturn: Added intelligent noise gating that attenuates/removes possible analog noise when the input is (nearly) silent.
  • Pro-C 2: Fixed possible audible spikes when changing compression styles.
  • Pro-C 2: When Auto Release is enabled, the release knob now shows its values in a percentage range instead of milliseconds.
  • Pro-L: Added Full Screen mode, new Medium and Large interface sizes and custom resizing (VST3 only).
  • Pro-L: Fixed a small bug where dragging the gain slider while toggling the Alt key would result in incorrect linked values for the Output Level.
  • Pro-L: Improved readability of the output level and gain reduction read-outs above the meters.
  • Pro-L: Reduced processing latency.
  • Pro-L and Pro-G: Improved resolution of the real-time level display.
  • Pro-G: Added circular side-chain input level meter around the Threshold knob.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed a crash when automating the Audition Side Chain parameter.
  • Pro-DS and Pro-MB: Fixed a small bug that caused the parameter value display to show ‘Mid-only’ even when the Stereo Link mode was set to ‘Side-only’.

The updated plugins are fully compatible with previous versions, and free for existing FabFilter customers.

In addition, FabFilter has announced a Holiday Sale running until January 1st, 2016, offering 25% discount on all plugin bundles in the online FabFilter shop.
During this sale, customers who already own one or more FabFilter plugins can login to their account and purchase additional plugins with 25% discount or more via their Personal Upgrade Offer.

More information: FabFilter