FeelYourSound has released Sundog Song Studio, a new composition tool for electronic musicians that want to create great songs faster.

The standalone software connects to other DAWs and hardware instruments via MIDI and sends note commands to trigger chords and melodies.

The main focus of Sundog lies on writing harmonic songs from scratch without having to worry about music theory.

Sundog Scale Studio features

  • Create harmonic melodies and arpeggios easily.
  • Experiment with new scales and basenotes.
  • Over 300 scales are available out of the box to experiment with new moods and harmonies.
  • Find all fitting chords for a given scale.
  • Convert MIDI note input (white keys) to scale notes.
  • Cure writer’s block by experimenting with new harmonies.
  • Output: Standard MIDI note data.
  • Input: MIDI notes, computer keys, mouse.
  • Buy once, get updates forever.

Sundog for Windows is available to purchase for $39 USD / 29 EUR.

More information: Feelyoursound