Flintpope has announced the release of Broken Orchestra, a free add-on pack for Ableton Live by sound designer Nick Dwyer.

“You get a current snapshot of my experimentation with orchestral sounds and arrangements using modern techniques of slicing, converting harmony/melody to midi, freezing tracks and rhythm producing without drums.

Taking a leaf out of Steve Reich’s book I have used his repetitive approach to structure and his layering of instruments according to textural quality, and then applied these to sequencer-like patterns with “real” instruments.

Of course non of the instruments here exist outside of a computer but I have tried to maintain as realistic a presence as possible.

In places a sense of “samples” taken off orchestral records has been created using crackles, distortion and deliberately bad sequencing at times. Everything you hear in this pack has been created by Flintpope so there are no licensing or copyright concerns: use these sounds as you like.

What you get in this pack: 18 original loops, some relating to the demotapes, two demotapes sliced into drum racks for improv fun and finally 3 orchestral instruments based on Ableton’s packs: Clarinet, Double Bass and Marimba.

This is just the tip of a growing iceberg of sound so stay tuned.”

More information: Flintpope