Flowsonics has announced the release of its new audio plugin Intercosm, a shimmer reverb effect designed for making lush and unique reverb tails.

The shimmer effect is created by sending a pitch-shifted signal into a gorgeous algorithmic reverb, and by feeding the processed signal back into the pitch-shifter. The result can be anything from bouncy delays to massive ethereal shimmers.

Intercosm has several audio reversal capabilities which let you creatively shape both the incoming and outgoing audio in unique ways. It includes a visualizer for the reverse audio buffer and gives the user the ability to freely adjust the length of the reversed signal.

Intercosm features

  • Stereo FDN Reverb with 8 delay lines.
  • Granular pitch-shifter modes:
    • Single (Input-signal + pitch-shifter)​.
    • Inverse (Input-signal + dual pitch-shifters).
    • Solo (Pitch-shifter).
  • Reversal modes:
    • Grains (Square window).
    • Input and Output (Crossfading Hamming windows).
  • Feedback modes:
    • Pre (Pitch-shifter back into pitch-shifter).
    • Post (Reverberated signal back into pitch-shifter).
  • Tempo synchronization to host.
  • Automatable parameters.
  • Thirteen presets demonstrating different capabilities.
  • Resizable vector user interface.

Available in VST and AU formats for Windows and Mac, the plugin is on sale for the intro price of $19.99 USD (regular $29.99 USD).

More information: Flowsonics