Fors has announced an update to the SuperBerry supersaw synth instrument for Windows, Mac and Max for Live.

Superberry is inspired by memories of melodramatic trance melodies, made hyperreal using an enigmatic FM core.

1.10 – “Little knobs” introduces a whirlwind of features to both the standalone and Max for Live devices. Soften & fine tune that sub oscillator, make that LFO shake and introduce dynamic velocity patterns in Roulette – with randomization.

It’s been one month since we released Superberry. We are so happy with all the support, sounds, feedback and praise we’ve gotten from all of you who have used Superberry. Releasing it was a big step for us, and it will only get bigger from here on. In the meantime we’ve kept busy working on our next instrument – and this update for Superberry.

SuperBerry is available for 49 EUR ex. VAT. Current users can update for free.

More information: Fors