Fred Anton Coverst has announced that its FAC plugin bundles for iOS and macOS are on sale at a 50% discount for one week only.

The FAC Mobile Bundle for iOS/AUv3 is on sale for $16.99 USD. It includes:

  • FAC Bandit multiband audio processor.
  • FAC Chorus versatile chorus effect emulation.
  • FAC Envolver envelope follower and trigger gate (audio/MIDI fx).
  • FAC Maxima dynamic processor for automatic gain control.
  • FAC Transient dynamics processor with precise design and control of the attack and sustain stages.

The FAC Bundle for macOS includes FAC Transient, Maxima and Chorus. It is 24.99 EUR during the promotion.

The offer expires September 9th, 2019.

More information: Fred Anton Corvest