Freshly Squeezed Samples Mandy Jones Vocal Essentials

Mandy Jones Vocal Essentials by Freshly Squeezed Samples is a collaboration with talented female vocalist Mandy Jones.

This comprehensive royalty-free vocal sample pack is one of the largest on the market, containing over 6GB of highly usable content, including a stunning collection of 23 vocal construction kits, each with corresponding FL Studio 12 project files, MIDI files, and presets, as well as classic and exotic ad-libs, melodic vocal phrases, spoken words and phrases, single tones, breaths, vocal FX, and vocal percussion hits. This is truly a unique, yet quintessential sample library that is designed to be suitable for modern progressive, trance and related sub genres.

This pack features a diverse selection of vocal construction kits in a variety of BPMs (128-138), which are designed as song starters with a verse, chorus, and accompanying ad-libs. Each kit comes with the corresponding FL Studio project file, MIDI files, and presets – rare for a vocal pack. Complete wet and dry stems, as well as over 300+ precisely cut ad-libs (interchangeable and usable in or out of context) and extracted vocals, are included.

This pack also contains 69 melodic vocal phrases in various keys, and more than 250 spoken words and phrases, including provocative words, and broadcast words and phrases suitable for podcasts and radio shows. We have included a full folder of 79 vocal FX, from shouts, giggles, and vocal percussion hits, to breaths and sighs – perfect for transitions and atmospheres.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £52 GBP.

More information: Freshly Squeezed Samples / Mandy Jones Vocal Essentials