Fret Friend has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Fret Friend gadget to help you get familiar with the fingerboard. Fret Friend is a visual guide to progress from playing chords to soloing, and an easy way to memorize the tones on your fretboard.

Fret Friend (black)
Fret Friend (red)

Turn your fretboard into a drawing board

It’s made from a special fabric that fits under the strings, around the neck for the first 12 frets, without distorting the sound or grip of the instrument. Fret Friend fits perfectly on a electric or an acoustic guitar. With plans to release a classical and bass version later.

If you like to learn visually Fret Friend is just the thing for you. It lets you draw and mark your fretboard. Instead of having to translate the patterns you see on a screen or in a book you can have them right underneath your fingertips. In any tuning using any denominations. You can mark root notes differently! Or write the names of tones. It enables you to carelessly play, simply by following your marks.

Once you’re done using it, you can easily wash out the marker and reuse it. The resilient and washable fabric can be used again and again. Just draw a different scale, new set of chords, a new solo or a different song.

Express your feelings through sound

Fret Friend is a practice tool, every guitarist – beginner, intermediate or professional can find useful. Whether you want to learn a new scale, new chords, a chord progression to a new song or you are in the process of writing new melodies or songs, or you just want to jam with your friends and try out something new. The only limit is your creativity and your willingness to learn.

You won’t become the next Hendrix, Clapton or Satriani overnight. Or probably ever. That takes a lifelong dedication and practice. But with Fret Friend you won’t ever feel lost trying to find the right note again. Giving you the courage to express yourself and to jam along with your friends.

Music is life!

Fret Friend’s goal is to share guitar knowledge and let everyone progress and enjoy playing on any guitar. Behind this is a young team of guitar experts, marketers, copywriters and designers. “Every project is ALL about the team!”, says Tim Berce as the leader of the project and the creator of Fret Friend. His older brother Žiga is an experienced Entrepreneur and makes sure we stay on the right track. Klemen Lorber excels at finding ways to tell the world who we are and what we do. Maja Jarc and Timotej Vitez write beautiful stories to capture your imagination. Ana Štandeker is the designer who paints the face of our project. Matic Gabriel the photographer, who creates captures our moments in photographs and videos, Kristjan Hacin is our stage guitarist and Borut Juriševič our behind the scenes musician.

Fret Friend aims to raise 25,000 USD by March 13th, 2016. Various pledge rewards are available to backers.

More information: Fret Friend / Kickstarter