sonicLAB has announced an update to the Fundamental polymorphing wavetable synthesis software.

Fundamental wave engine is a faithful recreation of a vintange Rohde&Schwartz vacuum tube oscillator (having been widely used at WDR by Stockhausen)

Fundamental leaves behind the limitiations of the original device by proposing complex modulation possibilities, stochastic distributions addressing the sonic parameters like frequency, gain, panning etc. in continuum, which has not been applicable until now.

Version 1.4 introduces a new envelope type which can produce a sharp attack and following an exponential decay applied on the oscillator being triggered. The exponential decay time can also be distributed randomly among the oscillators, opening up new sonic possibilities.

Fundamental costs 79 EUR / $96 USD. Until February 15th you can get a 20% discount on a purchase.

A time limited demo is available to download. Note that all licenses require an iLOK account.