Fuzzpilz Oatmeal VSTi

Fuzzpilz has released version 37-5b of Oatmeal, a freeware virtual analog synth plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v37-5b

  • Multiple instances running on separate cores/CPUs should no longer produce garbled output.
  • Per-voice saturation does not as easily cause annoyingly audible note-off clicks.
  • A handful of useless new filter types and some minor internal changes.

Fuzzpilz writes:

No idea if the Sonar all-notes-off problem persists, as I was never able to reproduce it in the first place. I’d appreciate it if people got in touch (again), especially if it happens on other hosts also.

So be sure to contact Fuzzpilz if you’re experience all-notes-off problems (email address is the first link on his website).

Visit Fuzzpilz for more information and a link to download Oatmeal.