Ghost Syndicate has released its sample pack Garage Sessions: Chronicles, a collection of dark and viscous sounds for all the Garage-thirsty producers out there.

Meet CHRONICLES: possibly the biggest collection in Syndicate’s arsenal up to date, and quite possibly one of the best investments for anyone looking to produce UK or Future Garage, or any other bass music genre.

Inspired by the unmistakable sound of Burial, Vacant, Zed Bias, El-b, and garage releases by Inspected label, CHRONICLES draws upon the golden formulas of the Garage beat craft, and is equipped with an enormous score of drum loops and one-shots, bubbling mids & supersaturated subs, all infused with dark, foggy, and subway-like atmospheres with the aid of a seemingly endless array of pads, music loops, textural chops, and synth chords; thus, marrying two not-so-often combined aspects of Garage music – the dancing edge and the contemplative depth.

The pack costs £39.95 GBP.

Also available is Prism, a fresh surge of authentic Dubstep vibes with a misty feel.

Ghost Syndicate Prism

The pack sets off in a traditional 140 direction with classical bulky beats and fat basses, but takes an unexpected stroll off the beaten path into the unexplored realms of soft, analogue synths, murky harmonic textures, and reverb-heavy vocal chops.

Drawing upon the best of what the scene preaches, PRISM constitutes a solid and self-contained 800 mb library aimed to send you travelling across cosmic landscapes to the sounds of the good old swinging 140bpm beat.

You’ll meet everything necessary for best in-the-box production results, including a multitude of drum one-shots, full drum loops with variations, wobbly bass chops, both punchy subs and bright, memorable mids; shuffling tops and swinging percussion to keep the grooves interesting; an array of unique FX risers, fallers, chirps, lasers, and whatnot, to bring your own unique colours into your grooves; and of course the main folders this time will be Music and Synth Loops, where you’ll meet the frigid pads, hypnotic atmospheres, and minor-chord-driven synthetic licks.

Prism is £19.95 GBP at Loopmasters.

More information: Ghost Syndicate