Polyverse Music and legendary electronic duo Infected Mushroom have released Gatekeeper, a volume modulator capable of producing sequenced volume patterns, MIDI gates, stutter effects, ducking (pseudo sidechain), planned dynamics, creative gain clipping, and more.

The plugin is a versatile volume tool that offers everything from punchy volume spikes to gentle sidechaining.

Seeking out the ultimate in-your-face gating effect, Polyverse and Infected Mushroom have embarked on a mission to bring the fastest, most accurate and flexible volume modulator to the world. Capable of sample-fast transitions and equipped with a unique variable smoothing algorithm, Gatekeeper allows users to automate the fastest volume envelope possible for your sound source – allowing for drastic, punchy gating and sequencing while keeping output smooth. In addition, Gatekeeper’s special boost and clip functions make it possible to distort your transients for extreme snappiness.

Gatekeeper’s most impressive quality is its versatility. It can act as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, sample accurate automation and more. Curve brushes and an elaborate shortcut system makes drawing automation fun and easy. The plugin’s 8 envelopes can be triggered via MIDI input, and can even produce CV output for external hardware such as modular synthesizers. Gatekeeper also includes hundreds of patterns and presets that will spice up your sounds. It is truly a multipurpose tool for creative musical expression, mixing, and sound design alike.

Gatekeeper features

  • Sample fast and precise volume modulation.
  • Expressive and fun envelope drawing tools.
  • Boost and clip features for extra punch.
  • Smoothing algorithm to eliminate clicks and pops.
  • 8 independent volume envelopes.
  • Fully customizable midi-triggering.
  • Panning tools.
  • Tempo mapped looping.
  • CV output for Modular synths.
  • Hundreds of presets.

Gatekeeper is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX), priced at $49 USD at Polyverse Music and distributor Plugin Boutique.