Gemini Audio has released KultComp Tube, a tube distortion library for Nebula3 by Acustica Audio.

This library is based on the Tube Harmonics function of a Modern German Tube Compressor which is loved by many for its versatility and audio quality with the musicality and user-friendliness that this company’s units stand for. It finds its application in Mastering, Mixing and Recording.

Discrete, very high performance gain cells were developed for this compressor and are used instead of the usual VCAs. This compressor is the first product to use them. They ensure the highest level of musicality and clarity in signal processing and demonstrate significantly improved distortion values over VCAs. The adjustable tube saturation of the output stages combined with automatic output level adjustment can produce tube sound effects that range from the delicate to the raucous.

KultComp Tube features

  • 96kHz (Nebula converts it automatically to your project’s sample rate).
  • Stereo Programs.
  • Includes 10 Kernel programs.
  • Includes HQ programs (10 Kernel programs using the TIMED engine).
  • Includes SE versions of all programs (CPU friendly 5 Kernel programs).
  • Consists of 27 programs.
  • Library size 280MB.

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of 8 EUR (regular 11 EUR). A free Kernel reduced demo version can be downloaded at Gemini Audio.