Kilohearts has launched a half-price sale on some of its snapin audio effect plugins.

Available in VST, AU and AAX formats, these can also be used in snapin hosts such as Multipass and Phase Plant.

For a limited time, you can get 50% off Transient Shaper, Bitcrush, Ring Mod, and Formant Filter. These can be combined and modulated as Snapins in any of our modular hosts or used as regular plugins (VST/AU/AAX) in your DAW.

  • Formant Filter shapes the sound in a similar way to how the vocal tract works, leading to vowel-esque sounds. On sale for 14.50 USD/EUR.
  • Ring Mod uses either an internal sine/noise generator or a secondary input as the second signal in the modulation, and allows for versatile transformation of the modulating signal. On sale for 14.50 USD/EUR.
  • Bitcrush can be used to create distorting effects that sound like that of scraping analog radio, or inherently lo-fi sound sources, like old video games. On sale for 9.50 USD/EUR.
  • Transient Shaper gives you very direct control over the character of both the attack and sustaining sections of the sound in a way that’s simple to understand and tweak. On sale for 19.50 USD/EUR.

The sale expires July 10th, 2020.

More information: Kilohearts