Ghosthack has announced a new MIDI bundle that aims to transform your music production and help you make creative and memorable music tracks.

The royalty free Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2 contains 3 packs with a total of 1,414 MIDI files for arpeggio, bass, chords, keys and melody for different musical themes.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner just starting out, this MIDI bundle will take your music production to the next level. Each kit is carefully crafted to provide you with the tools you need to build your own unique compositions, tailored to your personal style and vision. With a wide variety of elements to choose from, you’ll be able to explore different combinations and experiment with new sounds, bringing your musical vision to life.

Our MIDI bundle is perfect for all genres of music, from EDM to classical, Pop to Hip-Hop. And with each kit containing multiple variations of each element, you’ll have an unlimited array of possibilities to explore, refine, and perfect your musical creations.

The bundle is on sale for the introduction price of 24 EUR instead of 149 EUR for a limited time.

More information: Ghosthack