We’ve teamed up with Techivation for our next giveaway, in which you can win a bundle of plugins designed to take your audio dynamic processing quality and workflow to a whole new level.

The Dynamics Bundle comprises T-De-Esser Pro and T-Compressor.

T-De-Esser Pro isn’t only a tool for fixing audio; it’s also a creative tool for improving sound quality and giving your music a distinctive personality. It’s an enhanced version of the free T-De-Esser, and T-De-Esser Plus, which includes tools to assist you in making your sound not just good but perfect!

T-Compressor is a simple yet powerful dynamic processor with several unique possibilities to help you create incredible sounds. It offers unique and quick audio compression solutions, such as the serial compression feature, and wired compression setting control.

The plugins support VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugins in Windows and Mac (incl. M1 Native). Additionally, the bundle also includes the newly released T-Clarity, a plugin designed to clean muddiness and boxiness in audio.

You can win a license of the bundle by leaving a comment below before Friday May 27th, 2022, 11.59pm CET.

Good luck, and make sure to check the Techivation website for more details on the plugins and free trial version to give them a try.