Karoryfer Samples has announced the release of the sequel to Orcophony folk and medieval sample library.

Goblinity delivers a collection of instruments and voices that might come from goblins and orcs.

Fantasy libraries often sound like they’re meant to provide the theme music for the brave deeds of mighty heroes; this one’s intended more for the mean-spirited backstabbing of sneaky gits. It’s not limited to that, though, and can even be used to make shoegaze if you want to.

Goblinity features

  • Bowed strings: nyckelharpa, 2 hurdy-gurdies, rebec, chordofon płocki, fidel płocka, bass, bass gusli, Opole gusli, jouhikko.
  • Plucked strings: northern lyre, Novogrod gusli, 16-string lyre, Hungarian zither, 4 banjos, bouzouki, gittern.
  • Winds: 4 sets of bagpipes, 4 shawms, kortholt, chalumeau, bird call.
  • Vocals: loud, quiet and effects.
  • Percussion: rope-tuned drums, lug-tuned drums, cook percussion.
  • Ambiences.

Available for the free sforzando sampler by Plogue, Goblinity contains over 20,000 Wav samples (44.1kHz/24-bit), for a total of 13 GB of sample content.

The library is on sale for the introductory price of $59 USD until June 30th, 2023 (regular $99 USD).

More information: Karoryfer Samples