Goldbaby continues the series of layered drum machine sample packs with the release of Layered Drum Machine Percussion, a collection of 335 samples that aims to deliver depth, character and a distinctive flavor for adding life to your drum patterns.

For this pack, I have used 37 drum machines in different combinations with multiple layering techniques. All were recorded through tasty studio hardware.

Drum Machines: Syntakt, LXR-02, Pulsar-23, TR-727, TR-707, TR-808, TR-626, Volca Drum, PO-12, PO-32, Tempest, Tanzbar, CR-78, ER-1, XD5. PB-300, Ritmo, R-50, R-70, ADX-1, MFB-522, DRM-1, Acetone FR-1, MicroTonic, The Kit, LM-2, Drumulator, Nord Drum, KPR-77, OP-1, Mbrane, Bohm, D-1, RX-5, DDM-220, Rytm, 55B

The sample pack is priced $9 USD.

More information: Goldbaby