Granucon Virtual MIDI Sliders

Virtual MIDI Sliders is a MIDI mixer/controller that can be configured freely and can act as a translation layer for a hardware controller box.


  • 5 pages with 24 freely configurable sliders and buttons
  • The page selection can be automated by a MIDI controller
  • 4 banks with 10 controller snapshots each
  • The controller snapshot actions can be automated by MIDI controllers
  • A MIDI keyboard with bank change and program change and a panic button
  • A vector controller
  • A morph slider which lets you morph between two controller values
  • A controller randomizer
  • Slider group mode
  • The 24 sliders on the screen can be automated with a hardware MIDI controller box which turns Virtual MIDI Sliders into a translation layer for MIDI controller data
  • Favorites menu for frequently used slider settings
  • Compact view which transform the program into a virtual label strip

Check the Granucon site for more information and a link to download Virtual MIDI Sliders.